Clean Air Members Say No to Amazon

It is doubtful if Amazon’s $10 million offer will even the costs for the immediate infrastructure needed for their warehouse on Grand Island. The tax breaks being given Amazon will do nothing to reduce local taxes. Amazon has a terrible record of underestimating the effects on local communities, including the amount of traffic.

This warehouse facility is totally out of scale with Grand Island and will have negative, long-term effects on air, water, noise, traffic, and ground pollution plus will adversely affect the wildlife environment next to and in Buckhorn Island State Park.

In terms of social justice, Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world, does not pay his fair share of taxes, yet demands his warehouse employees work as if they were robots. Those cheerleading for this massive warehouse share the same mindset as the folks who supported the building of the Robert Moses Parkway and other such local projects, which have destroyed entire areas of Western New York.

More time is needed for independent analysis and study of the project’s impact. Don’t rush to sell the soul of Grand Island for a few pieces of silver.

– Robert Hirsch, Grand Island Resident and Clean Air member


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