Report a company

On March 26th 2020 , the USEPA released a policy that set new guidelines for companies to monitor themselves for an undetermined period of time during the COVID-19 outbreak. The memo goes on to state the EPA will not issue fines for violations of certain air, water and hazardous-waste-reporting requirements.  

While we fight to revoke this order, it is extremely important we keep our eyes on polluters during this time. If you see violations during COIVD-19, email, and one of our organizers will be in touch.



Report an Complaint to the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation

If you smell something gross, see dark smoke, have soot on your house, anything that disrupts your quality of life – WRITE THE DEC! We have the complaint forms here. Fill it out the best you can and return it to the Clean Air Coalition (52 Linwood Ave. Buffalo, NY 14209). We’ll pass it onto the DEC (and keep copies!)

Report an Complaint to the NYS Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau

The NYS Attorney General’s office has strong enforcement power to protect residents of New York State. You can find out how to file a complaint here. 

We are the eyes and the ears watching our industrial neighbors. If we don’t keep a written record of what the companies are doing, no one will!