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Clean Air strives to make all of our events as accessible as we can within our ability. Many of our members have been directly harmed by polluters and live with related health conditions, and we ask all participants of our events to be mindful of how we can collectively protect our community health. If there are ways in which you believe we can improve our event accessibility, especially if you have specific resources to share, please let us know.

  • Unless there are technical limitations, such as a lack of wifi at a venue or a hands-on nature for a training, our events are hybrid.
    • During winter months, when respiratory diseases circulate the most and weather is the most erratic, we switch to online-only events.
  • We provide food and beverages at our in-person events.
  • With pre-registration, we offer childcare, translation, and interpretation services.
  • We provide and encourage wearing masks at all our in-person events, and seek well ventilated spaces.
  • We conduct an accessibility check to see how accessible the space is for people who use mobility devices – because we try to have meetings within communities, some spaces might not yet be fully accessible, but we will note those limitations in the description.
    • Trinity Church at 371 Delaware Ave in downtown Buffalo is where we hold most of our events – there is a lift in the courtyard atrium entrance from the street level, and an elevator to the second floor meeting rooms and banquet hall. Bathrooms at Trinity are not yet fully accessible, but there is space to navigate most wheelchairs.
  • We know sound quality has been an issue at some of our events – we plan to purchase a better portable PA in the near future. If you are having trouble hearing at our events, we encourage signaling to speakers by doing a “raise the roof” hand sign.
  • We seek venues that are accessible by bike and public transit in addition to driving, and that have accessible parking.

Clean Air Events

Clean Air’s July General Meeting – Wednesday July 24, 2024, 5:30-7pm, Trinity Church 371 Delaware Ave

  • Join Clean Air on Wednesday July 24 and every fourth Wednesday every other month in 2024 for our Bi-monthly General Meeting on Zoom and in person at Trinity Church, 371 Delaware Ave in downtown Buffalo! This space is for our current members and supporters, as well as any and all interested in learning more about our work and getting involved with our campaigns! Interpretation services and other accessibility services provided with pre-registration. Click here to register.
  • Can’t make it this time? Save the dates for the remainder of 2024 – September 25, and November 20.

Clean Air’s 2024 Mutual Aid and Emergency Prep Series

  • Clean Air and Erie County Department of Health will again be offering a series of emergency preparedness trainings with a mutual aid framework in 2024. All classes will be held at Trinity Church, 371 Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo.
  • Due to the hands-on nature of the training, these classes are only available in-person. The space is large and masks are provided and encouraged. Breakfast snacks and/or lunch is always provided. Childcare, interpretation services, or other accessibility services provided with pre-registration.
  • 2024 dates –
    • August 3 – Full First Aid Training, 9:30am-2:30pm, click here to register.
      September 21 – Preparing a Go Bag, 11am-2:30pm. Class also includes a practice Stop the Bleed session from 1pm-2:30pm; you do not need to attend the morning session to participate in the practice time.
      October 26 – Preparing for Shelter in Place Emergencies, 11-2:30pm. Class also includes a practice Hands-only CPR session from 1pm-2:30pm; you do not need to attend the morning session to participate in the practice time.

Summer Festivals and Parades

Partner and Public Events

Wednesday  September 11, 5:30-7pm – East Side Environmental Forum, hosted by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. This is a space hosted by NYS DEC where residents can raise and discuss environmental concerns in their neighborhood and work towards solutions with our environmental regulators.

Other Partner and Public Events of Note

Comment Periods and Hearings