Clean Air 2020 (Virtual) Nonprofit Finance Training September 15th!

It’s That Time of Year!!

Are you a member of Clean Air who wants to learn how your membership dues are spent?

Are you new to the nonprofit world and want to learn how all the finance stuff works?

Do you want to know how to read nonprofit financial statements and make assessments about an organization?
When you hear the term “projected cash flow” do you get really energized but not know why?

Are you on a nonprofit board and find that only one person asks all of the finance questions…you have no idea what they are asking, and their term expires in 4 months?

Do you want to see the vast number of Jennifer Beals nonprofit memes we made for this event?!

Then this training is for you!

Tuesday, September 15th 5:30-7pm

Register Here!

This training is open to current Clean Air members, donors, board members, organizational partners and staff.

Questions or to RSVP, call Rebecca at 716-852-3813 and register through this link.

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