Mutual Aid

We are a community of organizers and movement builders. We value relationships and community above all. We already know how to cooperate to support our people and create systems that work for us. This is what we have been doing. While we hold our leaders accountable, we are also organizing for and creating new social relations and new systems that are able to disrupt and replace the structural violences and oppressions in the current system. Right now is no different. 

At Clean Air, we can make the most difference locally during this global pandemic. We have the ability to coordinate to provide survival needs for our people. For our people who are already sick because of environmental injustice; for our people who are elders; and for our people who need support buying necessities, we are in solidarity with you and are committed to collectively getting through this difficult time. 

Over the next several weeks to months, Clean Air is providing mutual aid to people in our community. This looks like grocery and supply runs, financial aid when/if we can, and friendship and community-building through the many technologies and creative abilities at our disposal. 

We at Clean Air are doing all that we can to provide mutual aid support for our members. We are a dedicated but small group of people, and we know that the best way to care for our people is to know our own limits. We also know that we exist in a larger ecosystem of mutual aid and direct service networks

To request aid or offer support email Please include your name, a phone number and best times to call. You can request or offer support by phone by calling 716-852-3813 ext 100. Expect a call back in 48 hours.

For individuals providing aid and for individuals receiving aid, please be sure to read

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Our first and most pressing concern is to maintain the health and safety of our people

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