How to Comment on the Tonawanda Coke Remedial Investigation – Deadline (Extended)August 30

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has released the Riverview Innovation and Technology Campus Plan for sampling toxics at the former Tonawanda Coke site.  The sampling plan, known as a Remedial Investigation Work Plan, is the foundational document inside of the Brownfield Cleanup Program that will set the course for future soil, water, air and vegetation sampling, and ultimately the quality of cleanup,  on the site. The plan can be found on the DEC’s website and is now available for a 30-day public comment period.

What are you commenting on? You are submitting a public comment on the the Remedial Investigation Work Plan, or RI, for the former Tonawanda Coke site.. The RI is the plan to investigate how dangerous the site is to human health and the environment. The RI describes how the owner will test the site to determine the levels of toxins and geographical location of the contamination. This is one phase in the process of cleaning up the site. 

Who are you commenting to? You are writing a comment to the site manager at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). This is the agency that oversees environmental remediation programs in our state.

Why is this important? The RI is an important step in the remediation process. Finding where and how concentrated the waste is will determine if it will be removed, or if it will be capped and buried. If no one knows about it, they can’t remediate it.  The more people that show concern means that the DEC needs to pay more attention. 

How to comment: Comments can be submitted by mail to the site Project Manager, Benjamin McPherson, 270 Michigan Ave., Buffalo, NY14203 or email to using the site name and number: Site Number: C915353 . Riverview Innovation & Technology Campus Brownfield Cleanup Site- Remedial Investigation Work Plan. 

  • Our template and detailed information on how to send a public comment to the DECRemember that all comments must be submitted no later than August 30th and should be sent to DEC Project Manager.
  • Here is the official fact sheet sent out by the DEC on the Remedial Investigation Work Plan
  • Our online petition for the establishment of a Community Advisory Group on Cleanup for the site
  • Our Brownfield process video and handout
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