Thank You Legislators Hardwick, Chimera and Baskin!

Last week, the Erie County Legislature heard our community’s research and vision on Tonawanda Coke’s legacy of toxic waste in our region. Through our representatives commitment to our health, dignity and safety, our voices were heard and our calls for a Community Advisory Board at Tonawanda Coke and American Axle are more possible than ever before!

Erie County Legislators Kevin Hardwick, Lisa Chimera and April Baskin have shown incredible leadership in ensuring our community’s voices are heard as we move forward in healing the legacy of hazardous waste in our neighborhoods.

 Waste at the former American Axle site has been leaking over 100,000 gallons of carcinogenic PCB’s into a sewer that runs underneath a neighborhood for generations. The creation of a Community Advisory Group will increase transparency as the site continues to be remediated, and improve accountability to the residents living next to the facility.

Tonawanda Coke has caused tremendous quality of life issues in our community, including decades of land, air and water pollution, worker’s harm and fatalities, and now leaves us with a legacy of contamination. The current proposals for cleanup and restoration of the site must center community input and a rigorous and thorough testing protocol that guarantees a higher and better use of the site for generations to come.

Clean Air is incredibly grateful for our hardworking Erie County Legislators’ support of our resolution for our comments to the NYSDEC for a full and robust cleanup at these sites and for their commitment to democracy by way of a Community Advisory Group on clean up at both Tonawanda Coke and American Axle.

Join Us in Sharing Your Thanks To Our Representatives Today!

Our Legislators need to hear your thanks for their bravery in standing up for our communities! Can you take a moment to call, email or tweet your support for Legislators Baskin, Chimera and Hardwick today? Their contact information and a sample script can be found here.

Sign our petition to establish a community advisory group!

Our Tonawanda Coke Team and American Axle Team are gathering support for a community advisory group at these sites. This would give us a voice during the cleanup processes and make sure the site is fully cleaned up and safe.

Would you be willing to sign our petition and share it with your friends and family?

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