Remediation Efforts

Developer Test Pits

The developer released a BCP work plan on June 29, 2020 that outlines the sampling plan for the site.  Our research of the by-product area and other regions in the BCP site indicate that additional test pits will be needed to fully characterize the contamination at the site.

Modified test pits

New test pits are needed at the following locations:

  1. Former Water Gas Plant
  2. Former Tar Separating Cooling Coils (Figure 13 – By-Products Building)
  3. Former Light Oil Tank
  4. Former Tar Storage Tank
  5. Former Naphthalene Processing Tank Area
  6. Former Machine Shop
  7. Former Ammonia Liquor Concentrator
  8. Former Wash Oil Processing Building and Storage Tanks
  9. The Northern Abandoned Rail Tanker Car (Figure 15, tanker car)
  10. The Mixing Pad ( Figure 12 – mixing pad)
  11. The Opening to the Underground Coal Conveyor
  12. The Eastern Tar and Light Oil Storage Station (Figure 14 oil and tar)

Test pits will need to be dug at each identified location to examine the impact of these byproduct processing operations. While the locations of the planned BCP pits do not change, certain BCP pits could be shortened and used to investigate the byproduct management units as discussed later in these comments. For the purposes of these comments, we have identified these pits as “community” test pits with the designation COM Test Pits to avoid confusion with the planned BCP Test Pits.

Figure 13 – By-Products Building:


Figure 15 – tanker car:


Figure 12 – mixing pad:


Figure 14 – oil and tar: