Area Map

The vicinity is generally characterized by its historical industrial nature with residential properties located in close proximity to the south and southeast. Former industrial properties include a wire manufacturing facility directly to the west on the Niagara River, a former coal burning power plant, and a former rail yard and fly ash disposal landfill to the north. The wire manufacturing facility is now a Class 2 Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Site known to the NYSDEC as Roblin Steel (916056.) Roblin Steel Site contains within it the three operable units of the Envirotek II Site, a former chemical waste treatment and disposal facility. Even though the two sites have different responsible parties and have been the subject of separate environmental investigation and remedial actions under the oversight of the NYSDEC, the sites share the same registry number. Current businesses nearby include petroleum storage and distribution, aggregate management and a recycling facility. Transecting the site north-south along River Road is a public recreational trail along the former Erie Canal bed and a 41-acre wetland area to the north. There is also evidence of groundwater quality degradation and a localized extraction center to the south of the Site.