Goodbye for now from Phil!

We want to give thanks to our Just Transition Organizer Phil Gambini who has moved on to a new chapter after giving us 2 incredible years of his passion, energy and care to our movement. We are proud of what Phil has accomplished and wish him well on his journey of full time education in the health care field! Please see Phil’s message below.

Dear Clean Air members and supporters,

I’m writing to you because my time at Clean Air is coming to an end. I am stepping away from my role as the organization’s just transition organizer in January. It’s a bittersweet announcement. I’m excited to be moving on to my next chapter in my life, but will be sad to leave the coworkers, supporters and members I’ve grown close to since joining the team at Clean Air.

There’s a lot to be grateful for. My tenure at Clean Air has been a deep learning experience. It has tested me, taught me and humbled me. I remain in awe of the dedication and energy of members who fight day in and day out for themselves, their people and their community. Each of them, in their own way, have their own struggles and hardships. Despite them, their drive and desire to change the world they live in for the better does not diminish. It should be a lesson to us all. It certainly is for me.

Though I am leaving Clean Air, I am not leaving the movement. My role and responsibilities will change, but my admiration for the work and the people who do it will not.

In solidarity,


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