Strategic Plan (Almost) Finished!

After over a year of discussions, readings, and debate we’re finally getting close to finishing our 5-year Strategic Plan to put before our Board of Directors.  Our draft plan was created through:

  • numerous discussions and evaluations by our strategic planning committee,
  • a membership survey to assess the organizations strengths, growing edges, and potential 5 year goals,
  • interviews with staff, members, current and past board members to learn what people have been thinking about the direction of the organization, current challenges and strengths of both our front line work and work behind the scenes,
  • interviews with a number of local organizations who share some similar aims and desired outcomes,
  • 2 strategic planning retreats with campaign leaders, staff and board members about how to answer some of the key questions that have surfaced, and how we can ensure that the organization is living up to its values,
  • Hours of conversation between the staff and board executive committee to wordsmith and revise our draft planning document.

And now we are almost finished!

Before we get there, however, we’d like to open another opportunity for members to come together and offer some insight prior to finalizing our plan.  We will be hosting a conference call on Monday, March 19th from 5:30-6:30pm to discuss how the direction of our strategic plan aligns with member’s vision of the organization and the work that needs to happen to achieve a world where our environment promotes health and equity and where systems place communities at the forefront of decision making.

To RSVP to this call, email with the subject “Strategic Plan RSVP” by March 16th to receive the call in information. If you RSVP and are a member in good-standing, you’ll be sent a CONFIDENTIAL draft of the Strategic Plan to review before the call so that you can join with thoughtful responses. You are also welcome to call to RSVP at 716-852-3813 (ask for Rebecca).


(The following readings may help shape thinking on how Clean Air can move forward in the long term)

A Brief History of Environmental Justice (video)

Demand Everything: Lessons of the Transformative Organizing Model 

Transformative Organizing: Towards Liberation of Self and Society


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