Clean Air Opposes Christofascism In All Forms – We Stand With Our Trans Siblings!

Clean Air opposes Christofascism in all forms and we stand with our trans siblings in the collective fight for liberation.

Clean Air stands with the Transgender Community and Allied activists in condemning the proposed UB event hosting Michael Knowles who is a proponent of transphobic hate speech calling for genocidal violence against trans people as well as other white supremacist beliefs.

As we seek to imagine a new world in our fight for Environmental, Climate and Racial Justice we cannot tolerate violent rhetoric of this nature.

The fight for trans rights directly intersects with our fight for Environmental Justice.

Trans Americans are statistically more likely to have unstable housing and to live in poverty than cisgender people which leads them to face more disproportionate environmental burdens. Trans individuals are 4 times more likely to face violence with Black trans women facing even higher likelihood.

This language has consequences and directly endangers people in our community. Those of us working in the EJ field have seen trans folks on the front lines of struggles across the country. When we stand with and fight to protect the most vulnerable among us we protect all of us.

In response to Michael Knowles appearance, we encourage our members and supporters to send a donation to GLYS WNY by visiting their website,

We also encourage members and supporters to join our Mutual Aid team to strengthen our solidarity by visiting

With bread and roses,

Chris, Bridge and Phil

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