We’re imagining more in Seneca-Babcock

Dear Clean Air Members, Supporters and Friends,

In our community, we are sick and tired of being sick and tired. For us, the quality of life in our neighborhood isn’t just about stopping trucks from barreling down the street, it is about our community’s legacy for our children and grandchildren. In Seneca-Babcock, we put in the work to make our community safe and healthy. We imagined more. 

When we first started organizing, it felt impossible to stop the silica dust and diesel trucks coming to and from the Battaglia Concrete Crushing facility on Peabody Street. It felt impossible that a judge would listen to regular people over big money and political connections to bring us justice. It felt impossible to get our lives back, but little by little, we are. But we aren’t done yet. 

In 2021, our team had some big wins and huge setbacks. We’ll be honest, we got thrown under the bus this year by agencies and institutions that should have been on our side, but we aren’t going to let them stop our fight.  We are still fighting for the harm that was done to us by years of neglect and abuse from big money to be healed. We are still fighting for the land that we maintain to be rightfully transferred to our Land Trust. We are still fighting for the burnt out building behind our homes and the acres and acres of toxic soil to be cleaned up and replanted. We want justice for our community and we are going to keep building the world we all deserve despite it all. 

We need you to support our fundraising work so that we can keep fighting, keep dreaming and keep building. In 2022, our team will keep fighting for justice for our neighborhood and look out to the larger City of Buffalo and Erie County for ways that we can make sure that all communities are healthy and safe. We know that what happened to us is horrible, but it is not unique. When you support our work, you are supporting our vision and our leadership to get us all closer to the world we need.

This holiday season, we hope you will join us in making a gift to Clean Air and commit to supporting smart, effective organizing? Join us so we can all imagine, and win, more. 


Thank you!

In solidarity,

The Diane’s Land Campaign Team:

Diane Lemanski, Lemanski, Jackie & Norm Weaver, Jack

Wagner, Ed & Jean Loucks, Leonard Lemanski, Jarrett Steffan, Linnea Brett and Emily Terrana


P.S. For more information about Clean Air’s campaigns, check out our website: (https://www.cacwny.org/) or like us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/cleanairwny).

P.S. Please consider making a sustaining gift of $5, $10, or $20 a month to ensure Clean Air is always ready to take on the challenges ahead. Thank You!

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