Another World is Possible


Another world is possible. 


In her poem “ V’ahavta”, author, poet, organizer and artist Aurora Levins Morales invites us to imagine a new world. So much more than a visioning exercise, she invites us into the practice of collective imagination that we need to sustain and enliven our work for health, justice and liberation. Boldly, Aurora proclaims that yes, another world is possible and yes, it is our duty to build beyond what we can see now to bring about what we all need to thrive. At Clean Air, our staff, members and supporters work dutifully and boldly to build a world where our environment promotes health and equity and where systems place communities at the forefront of  decision making.


In a year full of uncertainty as our team navigated transitions and our community navigated through an ongoing, global pandemic, one thing was certain: we never stopped working  towards a new world. Our staff, members and supporters have carried our rage, grief and longing and transformed it into action; we imagined more. 


Fifteen years ago, it felt impossible to imagine the three smokestacks at Tonawanda Coke topple down, but they did. Five years ago it felt impossible, foolish, to imagine that children on Peabody street wouldn’t breath in silica dust while playing in their backyards, but now they can sleep knowing that no one will ever operate a crusher behind their homes again. Three years ago it felt impossible that workers could pursue justice from one of the richest men on earth, but now workers are connecting and building with one another and healing from trauma. One year ago it felt impossible to imagine the State would acknowledge the ongoing impact of environmental racism in the Delavan-Grider community, and now residents have built a body to hold the state and developers accountable to our health and justice. 


Aurora asks us to imagine winning and then imagine more. We need and deserve healthy, thriving, vibrant communities. And we know that requires transformation: of ourselves and our communities, and of the systems profiting off our sickness, suffering, and deaths. 


We’re looking ahead to 2022 with excitement and hope, because we know another world is possible. We’re raising $75,000 so that we can continue to show up, live out our values, and build a bold vision for the world we all deserve. 


Your support for our work in 2022 and beyond will directly impact our ability to imagine and create more for our communities. Please join us this season by renewing your commitment to our movement and helping us to reach our goal of $75,000. 


In solidarity and determination,

Chris, Emily, Bridge, and Linnea

P.S. Please consider making a sustaining gift of $5, $10, or $20 a month to ensure Clean Air is always ready to take on the challenges ahead. Thank You!

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