We’re imagining more in Delavan-Grider

Clean Air members, supporters and friends,

In the Delavan-Grider community, we are making the impossible possible. Ten years ago it felt impossible to dream of a neighborhood where residents could safely drink their own water or plant gardens in their backyard. It felt impossible to think that the State of New York would hear our calls for justice, accountability and action at the former American Axle site in our backyards. It felt completely ridiculous to imagine a world where our elected officials would put their necks out to support our community’s health, dignity and joy. And yet, we persisted, and we are making the impossible possible.

Our American Axle Steering Committee knows that another world is possible because we show up to build it each and every day. In 2021, each of us have taken risks to have our voices heard and have tried new things to build the power that we need to live in a world where our health and joy matter more than the status-quo.

Our team didn’t give up when the NYSDEC denied us a seat at the table in the form of an American Axle Community Advisory Group. We leaned on one another and held onto the burning truth that we deserve to be heard, seen and respected…and we won. When we won a CAG for American Axle, we didn’t stop there.  In 2021 we built Clean Air’s first “Lunch and Learn” Facebook Live program that shared our team’s knowledge, wisdom and experiences with the broader community. We continued to build deep trust and relationships with people living in Delavan-Grider and former workers at the American Axle plant. We put our dreams into action; we imagined more.

Our team will continue our work into 2022 and beyond to ensure that all of our friends, family and neighbors live in a healthy, dignified and just community. We want our babies to play in their backyards, we want to plant gardens with healthy food and flowers, and we want to drink our water without fear. When you support our work, you are joining with us in building the world that we all deserve.

This holiday season, we hope you will join me in making a gift to Clean Air and commit to supporting smart, effective organizing. Join us so we can all imagine, and win, more. 


Thank you!


Ms. Della, Ms. Shirley, Ms. Shelda, Ms. Blue, Sydney Brown, Niasha Hamilton, Emily Terrana and Chris Murawski


P.S. For more information about Clean Air’s campaigns, check out their website: (https://www.cacwny.org/) or like them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/cleanairwny).

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