We Imagine More at Huntley

We Imagine More at Huntley! 

This email comes to you via Clean Air’s Huntley team in Tonawanda. We believe that another future is possible for this site.

We believe that the future of Huntley includes public waterfront access and a Just Transition for all the workers.

Our vision extends far beyond the bounds of this site alone, as we outlined with our partners at Tonawanda Tomorrow.


Our team member Jim Jones summarizes where our Huntley team stands at the close of 2021 thusly –

Working towards fundamentally clean air has always been at our core at the

Clean Air Coalition of WNY and we have seen much improvement since we first began to shine light on the

harsh air quality conditions in Tonawanda.

We seemed to be one of New York’s ground zero, so to speak, for 53 Title V air permit facilities along a concentrated area along our Niagara River waterfront. Since then, we have triumphed on our lung’s behalf, at retirements of Tonawanda Coke, Huntley coal fired power plant and the removal of the Grand Island toll booths.

However, our work is still imperative to help provide a Just Transition from extractive manufacturing processes and, horrendous land and water stewardship practices. Now the custodial work to help our section of earth heal and our lives prosper has begun. If we do not work together on this, the scars will continue to ache. Please become part of the change we want to make.

This past year, we continued to monitor the ongoing property ownership plans and implementation of the Tonawanda Tomorrow plan, and helped keep you in the loop. As things presently stand as far as we understand, NRG Energy still owns the shuttered facility and ostensibly is going through the motions of soliciting redevelopment partners, but has not offered any public updates to their progress in recent months. The southern portion of the 100 acre site still waits for remediation while the remaining building sits idle, and NRG continues to draw revenue from the raw water intake that they own and distribute to neighboring industries.

We imagine so much more for Huntley than it’s presently mothballed state, and we plan to share that vision with NRG in the coming year!

We imagine winning – you can help us bring our waterfront back to us to enjoy while ensuring a Just Transition. Your contribution towards our annual goal of $75,000 will help us expand upon this work in 2022, when we anticipate this campaign will pick up at a more rapid pace as we leverage public pressure on NRG to make a final decision on the property.

Please click here to donate today or click here to become a member by donating any amount. With the help of our members, as of this morning, December 13th, we’ve raised

$13,350 towards our $75,000 goal!

We also hope you can join us tomorrow at 6pm for our Grassroots Fundraising Training, in which we will train you on methods to raise funds from peers, and, more importantly, build stronger relationships to bring more participants into our work. Click here to register for the Zoom.

Much love and solidarity,

The Huntley Team – Diana Strablow, Maria Tisby, Sue Kelley,

Tom Morahan, Jim Jones, Ray Vaughan, and Bridge Rauch

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