“At Clean Air, I’ve gotten to meet visionary, courageous people I will learn from for the rest of my life.” -Linnea Brett

Dear Clean Air community,

At the end of this year, I will step down from my role as Community Organizer with Clean Air. In the nearly three and a half years I have been a staff member, and the 7+ years I’ve been part of the organization’s work, I have had the privilege to work alongside some profoundly talented, visionary, and courageous people I will appreciate and learn from for the rest of my life.


It’s been a chaotic ride – particularly as we’ve adapted to the pandemic, but for folks who’ve been in this fight for the long haul, we know the work has never been easy: I’ve been inspired, angry, grief-stricken, hopeful, and everything in between. I’m deeply proud of the work we’ve done together, building a powerful movement for justice through rigorous organizing, caretaking, and principled struggle. The time I’ve spent working alongside Clean Air leaders and members has been a gift.

In early October, my partner and I (and our dog and two cats) relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she hails from. Since then, I have continued to work remotely for the organization as we’ve onboarded new staff (welcome Bridge and Chris!) and as I’ve gradually started a new beginning in the midwest, the Clean Air staff has emerged as a powerful and exciting new formation. 

I know the Clean Air staff and members will continue to organize with care, joy, vision, and determination, creating the world we’re fighting for along the way. I’m eagerly awaiting updates on the creative and brilliant ways our powerful movement and small-but-mighty organization will be holding feet to the flames and winning justice, dignity, health and so much more. We’re currently fundraising for 2022, and for the duration of the campaign, every dollar you give will be matched twice, making your donation go three times as far! Will you join me in making a gift of $10, $25, or $50 today?

In love and rage and motion, 

Linnea Brett

P.S. Please consider making a sustaining gift of $5, $10, or $20 a month to ensure Clean Air is always ready to take on the challenges ahead. Thank You!

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