Our Public Comment on the Former Tonawanda Coke Sampling Plan

Tonawanda Coke is one of the most well known hazardous waste sites in the country. In 2014 the site was recognized as the only company in the history of the United States that was found guilty of 14 criminal accounts of violations of the Clean Air Act and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, the federal law that governs ground contamination of hazardous waste. The Environmental Protection Agency, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Honeywell, and a new developer, Jon Williams and Riverview Innovation and Technology Park, are in the process of remediating the site.

The Clean Air Coalition is calling to ensure that NYSDEC  performs comprehensive evaluation of hazardous contamination. Tonawanda Coke has a nearly 100-year history of toxic contamination, and large portions of the site and its infrastructure remain uncharacterized and unaddressed in this workplan.

Check out our webpage on the site

On Sunday, August 30th 2020 Clean Air submitted our comment to the NYSDEC regarding the Remedial Investigation Work Plan on the Brownfield portion of the property. (to learn more about the remediation process see our short videos here!)

Read our comment! 

Download (PDF, 23.47MB)



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