May 14, 2022

One year ago a NYS homegrown white supremacist terrorist traveled from a small suburban town outside of Binghamton NY to the Tops on Jefferson Avenue on Buffalo’s East Side with the explicit goal in mind of murdering as many black folk as he could manage. Prior to his killing spree, he posted a statement that he copied word for word from the Christchurch New Zealand shooter’s manifesto, one that was steeped in ecofascism and white supremacist sentiment.

We honor the memory of the victims and wish ongoing healing for the survivors as we continue to organize for health and justice in Buffalo. We know that white supremacy is a threat to all of us and that the thoughts and actions of the murderer are present within our community. We must all continue to take direct action toward dismantling the oppressive systems that were present way before 5/14.

Please give grace to each other and the space to heal during this week of remembrance and mourning. We continue to say the names of the victims.

Aaron Salter Jr, 55.
Celestine Chaney, 65.
Roberta A. Drury, 32.
Andre Mackniel, 53.
Katherine Massey, 72.
Margus D. Morrison, 52.
Heyward Patterson, 67.
Geraldine Talley, 62.
Ruth Whitfield, 86.
Pearl Young, 77

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