Clean Air Buffalo Blizzard Response

Dear Friend of Clean Air,

We are reaching out to our members and supporters in response to the tragic Buffalo Blizzard that has devastated our community. We give our deepest sympathy to all of those who have lost family, friends, or neighbors during this unprecedented disaster. There will be much more to say after a thorough analysis but our experience tells us that not everyone had the same ability to equal prepare for the storm. Once again our community has experienced unspeakable tragedy with many lives lost. We will once again need time to heal and recover.  At the same time there have been incredible acts of self organizing and mutual aid with community members becoming heroes and saving complete strangers lives.

Although the snow has stopped, the digging out is progressing, and thankfully power has almost been fully restored there are many that are still in dire need. This need will continue as we deal with the aftermath. Many houses may be uninhabitable due to storm damage and we have the threat of flooding from the upcoming thaw and rain. We are sharing the resources we have below and linked in this document. There is also a need for volunteers so please help out as your are able. We will keep the document updated as more resources become available. If you need any assistance please respond to this email and we will do the best we can to assist you.

We will continue to post updates on our social media channels as well.

In Solidarity,

Chris, Bridge and Phil

Driving Ban is Still in place in the City of Buffalo as of Wednesday Morning


Donate: Clean Air has been requesting donations for our end of year fundraising appeal but we would like to pivot due to the tragedy and encourage people to give financial resources to the Buffalo Mutual Aid Network (link to donate). This network was a mothership started during COVID response and will responsibly move funds to where they are most needed. Funds will be used to support families in need as we recover. If you have the resources to still contribute to Clean Air thank you but give to Mutual Aid first. We will look at our budget and move funds here as well.

Help Resources: 

  • 911 – Call for immediate medical emergencies
  • 211 – Call for help with essential community services, mental health and other social services
  • 716-858-SNOW – Urgent matters only. Response to medical requests for example if you are stuck in your house or street and need to get to dialysis care or other urgent medical appointments.
  • Crisis Services – Offering mental health/grief counseling support by phone 716-834-3131 or 988
  • Snow Removal – If you are in need of snow removal assistance and are unable to pay for it fill out the form for Buffalo Snow Brigade. These will be assessed and prioritized to serve the most vulnerable households first.

Food Resources:

  • Buffalo Community Fridges – 24/7 food available as they can be refilled. 286 East Ferry Street, 167 Herkimer Street, 45 Jewett Avenue. Donations can be dropped off any time Shop Craft 773 Elmwood Avenue is collecting donations to be transported to the fridges.
  • Buffalo Dream Center Wed 12/28 3-5PM 2 Locations 286 Lafayette Ave or 437 Masten Avenue.
  • Old First Ward Community Center 12/28 Free Lunch 11-1 , 12/29 Food Pantry 9-12
  • Feedmore Buffalo If you are in need of immediate food assistance please call 716-822-2002.
  • National Grid Power outage Food and Medicine Reimbursement: go to this link or call 315-428-3370. For NYSEG link Call 866-577-3787.
  • African Heritage Food Coop is providing meals to be delivered fill out form here
  • Provisions 139 Pantry Wed 12/29 12-3PM Thur 12/30 3-5PM


  • Buffalo Mutual Aid Network – Volunteers to help deliver food on foot or by car if driving ban is moved fill out form here
  • Buffalo Snow Brigade is seeking volunteers to assist with this effort fill out the form here if you are able to help. This could also be help with dispatch which you could do from home.

Other Items:

  • Towed Vehicles – If your vehicle was stuck and had to be towed link to an article with all the links for different municipalities
  • National Guard Doing Wellness Checks Door to Door in neighborhoods that have lost power Wednesday and Thursday.
  • DIY Disaster Cleanup resources here

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