A HUGE win in Seneca-Babcock

Join us in celebrating a huge win in Seneca-Babcock!

In our work for environmental justice at Clean Air, we know that we are in it for the long haul. When we take on a company or toxic site it is like standing at the foot of a mountain; a mountain that looks insurmountable and, sometimes, totally ridiculous. 

Yet we decide to step forward and begin to climb. 

We keep climbing when roadblocks get put in our way, when rocks fall in our path or there is an avalanche that slows us down. We keep climbing and bringing more travelers along with us when we are told “you shall not pass” and when the road seems to crumble before our eyes. We stop for water, for nourishment and to cheer each other on when we stumble. We stop to mourn, to celebrate, to dream of what is on the other side. We take the road forward step-by-step, inch-by-inch, until we suddenly turn around and see just how far we have climbed, together. 


Yesterday was a day where we got to turn around and see just how far we have climbed. After over 10 years of climbing, 10 years of fighting off obstacles and finding new ways around, demolition began at the former Battaglia Demolition site in Seneca-Babcock. After 10 years of silica dust swirling, diesel trucks idling, lots un-mowed and trash piling up to form new mountains … after 10 years of  unanswered calls, broken promises and bated breaths for action, we finally got to pause and see how far our community has climbed. 


On August 8th, City of Buffalo contractors began to knock down and clean up the charred and neglected remains of Battaglia’s operation. The work is being done because of the persistence and perseverance of Peabody Street residents, especially our beloved member, Diane Lemanski. Diane and other Seneca-Babcock residents have spoken clearly and loudly for over a decade demanding that their quality of life and dignity be restored after years of inaction and harm. 


While we still have a long way to go up the mountain, this major milestone signals a shift on our path for environmental justice and public health. It signals a brighter road where the community’s vision lights the way – a road where those who wish to put up obstacles are told to move out of the way to make room for progress. 


We will still need to be vigilant, we will still need to fight, but for now, we can celebrate as we climb. 

Please join us in celebrating this major milestone for Peabody Street by funding our fight for $5K by Friday, this will get us halfway to our $10K goal of our midyear appeal.   Our grassroots fundraising keeps our work accountable to our membership first so that we can do the hard and long-haul work for environmental justice.

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