Together we Exceeded our End of Year Appeal Goal!

It is with great excitement and joy that we announce that together we have met and exceeded our year end fundraising goal!

After a year of uncertainty and transition we set a bold goal of raising $75,000 in individual contributions and we asked you all to imagine that another world is possible with us. We told you how we and our campaign members are imagining more for Delevan Grider, Tonawanda, Seneca Babcock and the Tesla workers. We shared our personal stories of what motivates us to organize for justice and health for our communities. We developed our skills and trained me

mbers on the necessity of funding our own movements through grassroots fundraising so we can be independent and accountable to our mission. You delivered and joined us in imagining more and raising a total of $76,250!

Meeting this goal has put Clean Air in a stron

g position to continue our grassroots organizing and leadership development of our members this year. We have a small but very capable, passionate, and motivated staff and have been busy planning great things for 2022. We cannot wait to see you and share more at our Virtual Annual Meeting for which we will be announcing a date very soon.

Thank you for imagining a new world with us!

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