Cryptocurrency mining: A step backwards for NT and NYS

The fight is far from over on the proposed cryptocurrency and blockchain gas-fired powerplant in North Tonawanda!

We have created a toolkit for you to take action and have your voice heard. We need a full study of the environmental and public health impacts of this totally unregulated new industry and we need it now.

We want to be very clear; every single action we take together matters. It may feel like we are yelling into the void and that the powers that be will always win, but we know for a fact that this isn’t true. When we feel powerless, they win.

Fossil fuel powered blockchain and cryptocurrency mining is a step backward for New York State. Data mining facilities are a drain on natural resources, significantly compete against legitimate electric and internet resources, do not create family-sustaining jobs, and do not prepare our communities for the realities of climate change or the impacts of decades of environmental injustice in poor and working class communities and communities of color.

We know that environmental and public health harm impacts our people first, worst and hardest, and the impacts of unregulated cryptocurrency mining is no different. We must take action now before cryptocurrency mining takes hold throughout our communities, doing untold harm to public health, the environment and our future.

If you would like to get even more involved in this fight, please email

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