PB Buffalo Masten Results!

Winning projects for the First Cycle of Participatory Budgeting (PB) in Buffalo have been tallied and announced! Over 300 residents came out to 8 different voting locations over the span of 6 days in various locations throughout the Masten District to decide on how to spend $150,000. The winning projects, in order, are:

  • Farmer’s Market on Main St. and Fillmore Avenue
  • Community Kitchen Upgrades for the Delevan Grider Community Center (DGCC)
  • Healthy Cooking Campaign at the DGCC
  • A new smart board and computer classes for seniors at 66 Hedley Place
  • Lighting on local streets near MLK Park
  • Bus Shelter on Fillmore and E. Ferry
  • Dewey Avenue Park Improvements
  • 10 Garbage Cages along East Delevan Avenue
  • Bush Shelter on E. Delevan and Humboldt
  • 2 Garbage Cages along Jefferson Avenue

A PDF of the ballot can be found here: PB Buffalo Ballot

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