PhotoVoice Tonawanda Kicks Off!

This past Wednesday, July 11th at the River Road Fire Hall on Kaufman Ave. 20 residents gathered to take kick off our Tonawanda PhotoVoice Project.

PhotoVoice is a way to document community strengths and challenges and initiate change. Armed with cameras, residents will head into their community to capture challenges to community health. The results of these pictures will be showcased in an exhibit in the fall, and used in meetings with political leaders to change policy to positively affect our health.

As part of the first session, members created their own maps of their neighborhoods. The maps illustrated the great things about each community, including parks and the waterfront. Issues such as industrial facilities, pollution caused by trucks, and non-walkable neighborhoods were also highlighted in the maps.

PhotoVoice is one of the many activities sponsored by the EPA’s CARE Program, a broad based partnership to reduce toxins in Tonawanda.

We believe that the knowledge we have about our own neighborhoods is the key to create a healthy environment for healthy people.  We are excited to see what types of pictures come back. Stay tuned for the exhibit in September!


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