Triple Bottom Line Buisness Mixer

On Tuesday, April 10th The Clean Air Coalition, Buffalo First and the Ken-Ton Chamber of Commerce have come together to host the Triple Bottom Line Business Mixer. The event is part of the Tonawanda CARE Collaborative.

“Triple bottom line” was first coined in 1994 by author and entrepreneur John Elkington. Elkington’s argument was that companies should be preparing three different bottom lines. The triple bottom line consists of three “Ps”: profit, people and planet and aims to measure the financial, social and environmental performance of the corporation over a period of time.

“Triple bottom line businesses are the cornerstone of healthy communities, self-determined economies and a sustainable future. Such environmentally and socially conscious businesses, especially the newly effective NYS Benefit Corporation, are the driving force behind social entrepreneurship, innovation, job creation, and are the firm foundation upon which the New Economy is being built.” Sarah Bishop, Executive Director, Buffalo First.

Presenters on the 10th include: Heather Van Dusen from B-Lab, and Bob Gilmour from John W. Danforth Company. B-Lab is the Philadelphia-based organization that works with progressive leaders in business to solve social and environmental problems. B-Lab has been featured in the New York Times as “inspiring leaders creating a new sector of the economy that redefines success in business.

Located in Tonawanda NY,  has grown over the last 125 years to be one of the largest mechanical contractors in the United States. John W. Danforth Company’s environmental mission is to provide environmental improvements that promote a sustainable future and lead to social and economical advancements in our community.

The event will highlight ways to increase your bottom line and help improve your environment and review the recent passage of Benefit Corporation Legislation. Companies classified as a Benefit Corporations would be required to pursue a general public benefit, defined as a positive material impact on society and the environment as assessed against a third party standard.

WHEN: Tuesday, April 10th 6:30PM

WHERE: John W. Danforth Company, 300 Colvin Woods Parkway Tonawanda NY 14150

RSVP to Andrew Delmonte:; 716.725.6100.

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