Annual Awards

Nominations are open for this year’s awards!

Each year our organization recognizes the work of our members and supporters at our Annual Dinner. Our work is based on the principle that no one can accomplish anything alone. We work with many people in many neighborhoods who deserve recognition. Who should we shine the light on this year? Fill out the simple form below to nominate someone for the Golden Gas Mask Award! Clean Air Coalition Staff are not eligible for nomination. Nominations are due May 1st 2020! Winners will be recognized at our Annual Dinner in 2020!

The Golden Gas Mask Award honors people that have exemplified dedication and leadership in the fight for environmental health, justice and equity in Western New York.  These individuals are movement builders that have committed countless hours of their time to leading our region towards a better tomorrow. They have demonstrated a deep commitment to action on behalf of working class people and people of color, and have contributed to the development of powerful strategies to improve community health, the environment, and equity.

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