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10/3/2013 – ARTVOICE, Change Agent: Natasha Soto

10/2/2013- Tonawanda News, State sues Amigone

10/2/2013- Buffalo News, Tonawanda crematory hit with lawsuit by Attorney General

10/2/2013-Investigative Post, NY AG sues Amigone to stop crematory 

10/2/2013-WIVB Channel 4, AG sues Amigone to keep crematory closed

9/26/2013- UB Reporter, Public health advocate Minkler to speak on community based research

9/11/2013-Tonawanda News, Town Board opposes Amigone crematory reopening

9/9/2013-Buffalo News, Town Board opposes crematory reopening

9/9/2013-WKBW Channel 7, Tonawanda residents calling for action over crematory

8/15/2013- The Buffalo News, Federal government seeks to make Tonawanda Coke pay cleanup costs

5/29/2013- Opinion, The Buffalo News, Tonawanda Coke fines should pay for projects to restore neighborhood

5/26/2013- Opinion, The Buffalo News, Fuming over pollution: Air quality near Peace Bridge linked to high asthma rates on West Side

5/24/2013- The Buffalo News, Gridlock at the Peace Bridge, as tension rises

5/24/2013- WIVB, PBA stalemate halts Peace Bridge work

5/24/2013- WKBW, Tug of War at Peace Bridge Authority

5/23/2013-WGRZ, Investigative Post: Studies Show Peace Bridge Neighbors Pay With Health

5/23/2013-The Buffalo News, Tonawanda Coke neighbors brainstorm ways to spend pollution fine money

5/23/2013- The Buffalo News, Peace Bridge meeting today is rife with acrimony after Cuomo barbs

5/23/2013 – WKBW, Residents Offer Ideas on How to Spend Tonawanda Coke Money

5/23/2013 – WGRZ, Community Finding Projects for Tonawanda Coke Fine Money

5/22/2013 – The Buffalo News, Residents mobilizing to get input into use of Tonawanda Coke fines

5/22/2013- WBFO, Cuomo nominates Masiello for seat on Peace Bridge Authority

5/21/2013- The Buffalo News, Peace Bridge work on hold amid dispute over legislation to dissolve agency

5/21/2013 – Investigative Post, EPA spotlights Tonawanda’s ‘citizen science’

5/11/2013 – Tonawanda News, Buck stops here

4/27/2013-The Buffalo News, Grisanti, Ryan Seek to Disband Peace Bridge Authority

4/27/2013-The Buffalo News, Grisanti, Ryan Seek to Disband Peace Bridge Authority

4/26/2013- The Buffalo News, Bridge Authority erupts in animosity

4/25/2013- The Buffalo News, Cuomo’s frustration with bridge authority boils over

4/3/2013 – Tonawanda News, Advocates target industry’s political donations

4/2/2013 – The Buffalo News, Clean Air Coalition targets campaign laws in Tonawanda protest

4/2/2013 – WIVB, Hochul pursues super fund for victims

3/31/2013 – The Buffalo News, ‘People power’ beat Tonawanda Coke

3/31/2013 – Niagara Gazette, Tonawanda Coke plant suits to take a civil turn

3/30/2013 – Tribune Democrat, Plant guilty of hiding pollution

3/30/2013 – ErieTVNews, Upstate New York Company Convicted of Violating Clean Air Act

3/30/2013 – Tonawanda News, Thursday’s verdict years in the making for citizen activists

3/30/2013 –, Former Erie Coke official found guilty in Buffalo courtroom

3/30/2013 – The Wall Street Journal, NY coke plant, manager convicted in pollution case

3/30/2013 – WGRZ, Tonawanda Coke Potentially Facing Millions From Residents’ Lawsuits

3/29/2013 – WGRZ, Tonawanda Coke Found Guilty of Violating Clean Air Act

3/29/2013 – Business First, Tonawanda Coke guilty in federal court

3/29/2013 – YNN, Tonawanda residents say guilty verdict for Tonawanda Coke means justice for residents

3/28/2013 – WBEN, Tonawanda Coke Guilty of Violating Clean Air Act

3/28/2013 – YNN, Tonawanda Coke found guilty of violating Clean Air Act

3/28/2013 – WBFO, Federal jury convicts Tonawanda Coke and top official of polluting air

3/28/2013 – Tonawanda News, Jury begins Coke deliberation

3/28/2013 – WIVB, Tonawanda Coke violated Clean Air Act

3/28/2013 – Reuters, New York coke producer found guilty of pollution

3/28/2013 – WKBW, Tonawanda Coke and Manager Found Guilty, Faces 75 Years in Prison

3/28/2013 – WIVB, Tonawanda Coke violated Clean Air Act

3/28/2013 – Tonawanda News, TONAWANDA COKE FOUND GUILTY

3/28/2013 – The Buffalo News, Tonawanda Coke, top executive convicted of polluting air, ground

3/28/2013 – WKBW, Tonawanda Coke, Manager Guilty of Violating Federal Law

3/21/2013 – The Buffalo News, Another Voice: Front Park project excludes voices from neighborhood

3/15/2013 – WBFO, Long delays on the Peace Bridge could be a thing of the past

3/14/2013- The Buffalo News, Agreement could trim Peace Bridge plaza expansion

3/12/2013- The Buffalo News, Hoyt owes the residents of the West Side an apology 

2/28/2013 – Investigative Post, Peace Bridge poobah poo-poos the public’s right to know

2/28/2013 – The Buffalo News, Toxic victim now warrior in showdown

2/28/2013 – Investigative Post, Frustration grows in toxic Tonawanda

2/26/2013 – WIVB, DOH meets with Tonawanda residents

2/26/2013 – WIVB, Health Dept. to speak on cancer rates

2/23/2013 – The Buffalo News, Busti Avenue demolitions could make way for expanded plaza

2/20/2013 – WIVB, Residents meet over health concerns

2/14/2013 – Tonawanda News, DEC’s Martens to tour town

2/12/2013 – Investigative Post, A “cancer crisis” in Tonawanda?

2/12/2013 – The Buffalo News, State study finds elevated levels of cancer, birth defects along Tonawanda’s industrial corridor

2/7/2013 – Tonawanda News, Plant spars over data

1/18/2013 – Tonawanda News, Clean Air earns legal victory

1/17/2013 – The Buffalo News, Judge rules in favor of environmental group in Tonawanda Coke case

12/7/2012 – Tonawanda News, Clean Air group’s docs sought

12/2/2012 – The Buffalo News, Tonawanda Coke seeks records from Clean Air Coalition

11/16/2012 – WBFO, DEC falls behind on Peace Bridge air monitoring

11/15/2012 – Investigative Post, DEC idling on enforcement

11/9/2012 – WIVB, Amigone cornered by state agencies

11/8/2012 – The Buffalo News, State law bars relocation of Tonawanda crematory

11/2/2012 – Tonawanda News, Crematory move shelved amid resident complaints

11/1/2012 – Artvoice, New Air Monitoring Program for Peace Bridge Neighborhood

11/1/2012 – WKBW Channel 7, New Crematory Site, Still Not Good Enough

11/1/2012 – The Buffalo News, Crematory withdraws relocation request

10/27/2012 – The Buffalo News, Proposed new site for crematory meets neighborhood resistance

10/25/2012 – Artvoice, Meantime, Along the Strait of Niagara… Air Quality Concerns

10/17/2012 – Tonawanda News, Crematory closing

10/17/2012 – Buffalo News, Tougher state policy on Tonawanda Coke demanded

10/17/2012 – Tonawanda News, Clean Air rallies on

10/16/2012 – Buffalo News, Advocates for public involvement in budgeting visit Council

10/12/2012 – Tonawanda News, Clean Air Coalition opens photography exhibit

10/9/2012 – WIVB, Peace bridge pilot program in the works

7/26/2012 – Tonawanda News, Crematory closing

7/26/2012 – The Buffalo News, Amigone shutting down crematorium for six months

7/25/2012 – Wall Street Journal, NY crematory to shut down pending solution to soot

7/25/2012 – WIVB, Crematory halts operations for 6 months

7/10/2012 – The Buffalo News, Amigone dispute escalates

7/10/2012 – Tonawanda News, Town residents voice concern over crematory

7/9/2012 – YNN, Controversy over crematory smoke stack

7/9/2012 – WKBW, Crematory Causing ‘Odors’ in Tonawanda Neighborhood, Residents Say

7/8/2012 – The Buffalo News, Tests show crematory particulate in neighborhood

7/7/2012 – The Buffalo News, Bridge air monitoring to start in August

6/29/2012 – Tonawanda News, Clean Air Coalition targets DuPont factory

6/20/2012 – Tonawanda News, Photo project a show of concern for activists

6/2/2012 – Tonawanda News, Clearing the air

5/24/2012 – Buffalo News, Speakers at Front Park rally urge air monitors near Peace Bridge

5/23/2012 – WIVB, Protesters clamor for cleaner air

5/23/2012 – YNN, Marching for clean air

5/22/2012 – Buffalo News, Impose new rules to protect health on West Side

3/9/2012 – Niagara Frontier Publications, Slaughter applauds DEC for promise to continue monitoring air in Tonawanda

3/6/2012 – The Buffalo News, Federal grant to tackle air pollution issues

3/6/2012 – Tonawanda News, EPA delivers ‘CARE’ package

3/5/2012 – YNN News, Local environmental project recieves grant from EPA

2/28/2012 – Tonawanda News, Political pressure

2/27/2012 – Buffalo News, DEC urged to continue monitoring air quality

2/1/2012 – WIVB, Air monitoring sought near Peace Bridge

2/1/2012 – Tonawanda News, DEC: No plans to remove monitor

2/1/2012 – WKBW,Ryan Calls for DEC to Conduct Air Monitoring on Buffalo’s West Side

1/24/2012 – Tonawanda News, Clean Air group fights plan

1/18/2012 – Forbes, Weighing the Environmental Costs of Economic Recovery

11/4/2011 – WKBW, Questions Arise About Buffalo Fire Department

11/3/2011 – WIVB, Residents concerned by industrial fires

10/20/2011 – WGRZ, Benzene Levels On The Decline in Tonawanda

10/20/2011 – Buffalo News, 3-year monitoring of air shows big drop in carcinogens

10/19/2011 – WIVB, Air around Tonawandas getting cleaner

10/19/2011 – Grow WNY, Clean Air Coalition Returns from EPA Headquarters

10/19/2011 –, Common Council Hearing

9/30/2011 –, E3 Helps NY State Businesses Green Operations

9/30/2011 – The Tonawanda News, A win-win plan

9/30/2011 – WNED, Tonawanda Polluters Lent a Hand by Experimental EPA Program

9/30/2011 – U.S., Government and Community Partners Launch Tonawanda Sustainability Initiative; Goals are to Reduce Pollution and Promote Business Innovation

9/20/2011 – WBFO, WNY Coalition calls for public health response to industrial fires

9/20/2011 – WIVB, Scrapyard blaze prompts health concerns

9/20/2011 – WNED, County Criticized on Air Quality Monitoring

8/16/2011 – WBFP, Residents want answers to air testing from industrial fire

8/16/2011 – WGRZ, Coalition Looking For Answers From Emergency Response

8/16/2011 – Buffalo News, Residents concerned about effects from Niagara Lubricant fire

7/26/2011 – YNN, Test find toxins in air following Chandler St. fire

7/26/2011 – WIVB, Test shows noxious air from raging fire

7/15/2011 – YNN, Air quality not tested at site of major fire

7/15/2011 – WIVB, Concerns linger over Chandler St fire

7/13/2011 – WIVB, Acrid, black smoke fills neighborhood

7/8/2011 – WBFO, WNY benefits from EPA rule

4/5/2011 – Buffalo News, Environmental giant challenges residents to demand air quality

4/4/2011 – WBFO, Clean Air Coalition moves to become proactive

4/4/2011 – The Buffalo News, Good Morning, Buffalo

4/4/2011 – WBFO, Environmental scientist to speak in Tonawanda

3/15/2011 – The Buffalo News, Air quality initiative wins board’s support

1/29/2010 – The Buffalo News, EPA vows to get tough on River Road plant

1/28/2010 – The Tonawanda News, EPA slaps coke plant with multiple violations

1/28/2010 – Channel 2, EPA Orders Tonawanda Coke to Clean Up or Face Sanctions

1/28/2010 – Channel 7, EPA Tonawanda Coke to “Clean Up It’s Act”

1/28/2010 – The Buffalo News, EPA vows to get tough on River Road plant

12/28/2009 – Buffalo Rising, Tonawanda Coke Arrest: Breathe Easy

12/23/2009 – Channel 4, Arrest after raid on Tonawanda Coke

12/23/2009 – The Buffalo News, Tonawanda Coke official accused of environmental crimes

12/23/2009 – Channel 7, Top Official at Tonawanda Coke Arrested

12/23/2009 – The Buffalo News, Donn Esmonde: The cavalry finally comes to coke plant

12/20/2009 – Re-Energize Buffalo, Feds Raid Carcinogen-Emitting Coke Plant

12/18/2009 – Buffalo News, Coke plant officials targeted in EPA raid

12/18/2009 – Channel 4, Fed raid Tonawanda Coke

12/18/2009 – Channel 7, Tonawanda Coke Raided by Federal Agents, Video

12/18/2009 – Channel 7, Tonawanda Coke Raided by Federal Agents

12/18/2009 – Buffalo News, Federal agents raid Tonawanda Coke

12/7/2009 – Tonawanda News, Town of Tonawanda: Air group asking about Tonawanda Coke’s coal tar byproducts

12/7/2009 – Channel 4, Protestors rally against Tonawanda Coke

12/7/2009 – Channel 7, Residents Have Questions for Tonawanda Coke

10/23/2009 – Grand Island Dispatch, Officials go on offense vs. Tonawanda Coke

10/23/2009 – Representative Slaughter Joins our Fight

10/21/2009 – Buffalo News (front page), Study finds danger in the air around Tonawanda Coke

10/20/2009 – Buffalo News Supports a plan for benzene reduction

10/20/2009 – Law makers ask probe of Tonawanda coke plant

10/20/2009 – JD Crane’s interview with the Tonawanda News

10/16/2009 – EPA gives assurance on Tonawand coke plant

10/16/2009 – Toxic Air in Tonawanda, Channel 4

10/15/2009 – Plant Owner Urged to Talk about Benzene

10/14/2009 – Gillibrand to discuss Tonawanda Coke with EPA

10/14/2009 – Donn Esmond – Plant Owner should meet with Residents

10/14/2009 – Political Support Overview in the Tonawanda News

10/5/2009 –, Bringing Good Ideas Home to Buffalo

10/5/2009 – Buffalo Rising, Community Demands a Plan for Benzene Reduction

WICU in Erie, PA covers CACWNY campaign

6/26/2009 – Channel 4, WIBV: Crusade to Clean the Tonawanda Air

6/25/2009 – Channel 7 News: Tonawanda Residents Meet with Health Officials to Discuss Cancer Surveillance Study

6/23/2009 – Tonawanda News: TOWN OF TONAWANDA: Schumer Joins Clean Air Chorus

6/23/2009 – Buffalo News: Tonawanda Coke Urged to Cut Benzene Emissions

6/15/2009 – Channel 7 News: Why is Tonawanda Coke Silent?

6/12/2009 – Channel 7 News: DEC Takes Action to Reduce Air Pollution at Tonawanda Coke

5/20/2009 – Buffalo News:Residents berate coke plant owner

5/19/2009 – Tonawanda News: TOWN OF TONAWANDA: CAC group organizing members, awaiting results

5/19/2009 – Clean Air Coalition Takes on the Tonwanda Coke Plant

5/18/2009 – ArtVoice BUffalo: Clean Air Coalition Takes on the Tonwanda Coke Plant

3/1/2009 – WNY Politics Web Site:2 Courageous Women Profiled on WNYWomenToday…Ianello Wants All Contracts Reviewed

3/1/2009 – WNY Politics Web Site: Is DEC’s Blind Spot Causing WNY’s High Cancer Rates?

2/20/2009 – Tonawanda News: TOWN OF TONAWANDA: Activists preparing a community push

1/9/2009 – Tonawanda News: TOWN OF TONAWANDA: County lawmakers put pressure on Tonawanda Coke

12/9/2008 – Channel 2 coverage of USA Story

12/2008 – USA Today: The Smokestack Effect – Toxic Air and America’s Schools

12/5/2008 – Tonawanda News: ERIE COUNTY: Legislature looks into air quality concerns

11/19/2008 – Tonawanda News: DEC needs more time to study benzene data

11/21/2008 – Tonawanda News: Grant Helps Group Inform Public of Health Risks

11/6/2008 – Tonawanda News: DEC to unveil air test results

11/22/2008 – Buffalo News: Group Seeks Meeting on Benzene

10/15/2008 – Tonawanda News: TOWN OF TONAWANDA: Bucket activists work to collect air samples

8/1/2008 – Channel 7: Continuing Coverage: More concerns over air quality in one Tonawanda Neighborhood

7/15/2008 – Tonawnda News: Air quality draws concern from Sen. Shumer

6/15/2008 – Buffalo News: Volunteers sought for air-quality study

4/20/2008 – Tonawanda News: TONAWANDA: DEC releases decision on Coke siteTonowanda coke

3/2/2008 – What’s in the Air? Tonawanda has higher than recommended pollutents

1/21/2008 – Tonawanda News: Community group looks to clear the area, local volunteers needed

12/5/2007 – Clean Air Coaltion awarded $24,000 for study

8/3/2007 – Tonawanda News: TOWN OF TONAWANDA: DEC study will determine if there are risks from plant emissions

4/4/2007 – Tonawanda News: EPA Awards DEC $300K for year-long air study

1/19/2007 – Tonawanda News: CITY OF TONAWANDA: Air monitoring devices to measure radon, benzene

2/17/2005 – Buffalo News:Two plants accused of air pollution

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