Bus Lots

Residents are joining to fight against some loud and smelly neighbors: school buses. There are 7 First Student bus lots up against the homes of WNY residents. These buses produce diesel exhaust, which we know harms human health. Diesel exhaust is a complex mixture of thousands of gases and fine particles, which contain more than 40 toxic air contaminants including benzene, arsenic, and formaldehyde.

– A study by NRDC and UCSF School of Medicine suggests that exposure to diesel exhaust “can cause asthma in otherwise healthy people.”

– U.S. EPA found that chronic exposure to diesel exhaust poses a risk of lung cancer to humans.

– The National Institute on Occupational Safety and health has determined acute exposures to diesel exhaust have been linked to health problems such as eye and nose irritation, headaches, nausea, and asthma.

– In 2005 the National Toxicology Program classified diesel exhaust particulates as “anticipated to be human carcinogens.”

Residents have reported:

“I have lived in my house for 29 years. Since more buses have been added to the lot – the smell is in our house even when my windows are closed.” Camden Ave. resident

“The noise begins between 5:30 and 6AM and is constant throughout the day. This bus depot is polluting our air with diesel fumes and dust from the lot.” Federal Ave. resident

“The noise and smells are horrible, I worry about my neighbors, they have small children and I worry what the kids are breathing in.” Maple Ave. resident

Are you a resident that lives next to a lot? Sick of the noise and smelly air? You are not alone. Join the fight for fresh air.

Call Rebecca at 852-3813 or email Rebecca@cacwny.org.